Hey Bronson Arroyo, If you Don't Want to Be a Yankee...Just Say So!

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 25, 2008

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, there are rumors flying around everywhere about a number of different Cincinnati Reds’ players.  Bronson Arroyo has heard these rumors.

Arroyo had this to say about what he's been hearing: "I know this is probably my best year in my whole career to be traded—we're not playing our best ball and my salary (nearly) triples next year. Me and (fellow starter Aaron) Harang, both."

He continues: "If we're not winning, it all depends on the owner of the club. How long do you want to ride something and see if you're going to win or do you pull out the big-dollar guys and do something?"

As a Reds fan, I remember the day Bronson was traded to Cincinnati.  He made it pretty clear that his heart remained in Boston and he, hopefully, would return there one day and end his career with the Red Sox.

So, how do you think this “Bostonian” would take the news that he may be heading to the “Evil Empire”?  What could he possibly do to derail this trade without making it public that he has NO desire to go to New York?

How about this: 1IP; 11 H; 10 ER; and 3 HR allowed against the struggling Toronto Blue Jays last night?

If you are Brian Cashman, how could you possibly think of bringing this guy to your team now? 

I know the Yankees are desperate for pitching right now, but this guy got shelled by arguably the worst team in the AL East.  What would he do against the Sox or upstart Rays?

Bronson may have sealed his own fate last night and assured himself that he will not have to worry about wearing the Pin Stripes anytime soon.

Well played Mr. Arroyo.