CFL: Danny Maciocia Should Be Fined

Kelly BundleAnalyst IJune 25, 2008

Oh Danny boy.  This Tuesday, Rogers Sportsnet aired the outspoken Eskimos head coach and director of football operations, succumbing yet again to foot-in-mouth disease.  The CFL should soon determine whether this latest slip of the tongue is a violation befitting of a fine.  

At the 2007 governors meetings, the CFL commissioner Mark Cohon was adamant that concerns and statements regarding officiating, among other things, should be made to the league and not to the media under any circumstance.  He also implemented several fines, enforcing that statement as the season played out.  

Will Cohon remain consistent in 2008?

This is the first example of a possible league violation in 2008 that has made national media.

The incident the Eskimos coach referred to occurred in the pre-season when Rider Kitwana Jones, may or may not have tugged on the top of the helmet of quarterback Ricky Ray as he lunged forward for extra yards.  

Maciocia said the hit wasn't clean.  He said one player grabbed face mask and another lead with his helmet on the hit.

Likely, you can sympathize with a head coach watching his quarterback take a shot.  The starting quarterback is arguably the teams most valuable asset.

Perhaps Maciocia could teach Ricky Ray to hook-slide instead of plunging forward for extra yards.  And perhaps Maciocia, himself, could show a little more respect for league policy.  After all he's been at this a few years now.