WWE Draft 2008: The Supplemental Draft Commences

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IJune 25, 2008

With the primary WWE Draft being held on Monday, normal procedure is to follow it up with the Supplemental Draft in the following days.

Today was that day.

I figure, I analyzed the picks from Monday's draft, so why not do the same with the changes today.  So without any further adieus, here we go!

1. Mark Henry to ECW
To me, this seemed like the way ECW would eventually get its championship back.  But instead of making it an "eventually," they threw Henry into the match this Sunday.  So be prepared to see this guy win Sunday, and soon after quickly drop the championship.  He has never been able to carry any type of momentum for a brand yet, and that won't be changing after Sunday.

2. Jamie Noble to Raw
Completely pointless move.  Jamie Noble hasn't lived up to what anyone expected from him, and it isn't going to change now.

3. Trevor Murdoch to SmackDown
This one makes sense.  He isn't a huge draw, but if the WWE hopes to push Lance Cade, they can't have him continually feuding with Murdoch.  He should be a decent mid-card for SmackDown's roster.  He won't be a "diamond in the rough," but he'll be able to help that part of the roster well.

4. Big Daddy V to SmackDown
Another pointless move.  Do something interesting with this guy!  I know, bring back Men on a Mission!

5. Deuce to Raw
This Draft has turned into the Draft that kills the tag team division.  Deuce as a solo-act may do well.  We will simply have to wait and see.

6. DH Smith to SmackDown

This one caught everyone off guard.  DH was poised to be DiBiase Jr.'s tag team partner, and is now being split off from that brand.  Unless they decide to change this, I'm betting, now, on a heel turn by Cody Rhodes Sunday.  As for Smith, maybe he'll be allowed to finally wrestle instead of stand there like one of those "boppy" clowns.

7. Hornswoggle & Finlay to ECW

Another setup for Sunday.  Hornswoggle was drafted seventh, while Finlay was drafted fourteenth.  For the short period they were on separate brands, speculation was going crazy about how this one would turn out on Sunday.  With them both on ECW, it is almost certain they'll claim the belts from Morrison and Miz.

8. Super Crazy to ECW

Allowing Super Crazy to return to his roots is an excellent move.  All they need to do now is make ECW actually EXTREME again, and Super Crazy will be an excellent draw for the brand.

9. Chuck Palumbo to Raw

Hooray for bad storyline carryover!  The ridiculous storyline between Palumbo and Noble was bad to say the least.  Now we get to see it on the "Number One Show" within the WWE.

10. Brian Kendrick to SmackDown

Splitting this team up could be potentially good or bad.  The two are great high flyers, in a business that isn't geared towards the Cruiserweights anymore.  So if the WWE decides to push the flyers again, this could be great for both Spanky and Paul London's career.

11. Matt Striker to Raw

The good thing here is we don't have to see Striker trying to sell that Big Daddy V is talented.  Striker is one of the most "vintage" of heel character types in this business.  He and Randy Orton can make themselves hated without even trying.  If Striker actually decides to perform it will be interesting, but should he stay in the managerial role, I see him as Bobby Heenan v2.0.

12. Maria to SmackDown

With the introduction of the "Divas Championship" the WWE might be trying to split the eye candy talent away from the women who legitimately can perform.  If that is the case, Maria will do well on SmackDown.

13. Shelton Benjamin to SmackDown

This pick I knew was coming before Monday's Draft.  How?  The WWE sent out material to Abilene, TX, where they're holding the house show the night before the PPV, and Benjamin was listed as a SmackDown superstar.  He'll probably be better over here than ECW.  SmackDown has a mid-card with decent talent, and he should be able to do well within those ranks.

14. Carlito to SmackDown

You know he's loving being back on a show with Triple H.  Regardless of that, he and Shelton will be the pillars of the mid-card for SmackDown.  The two are solid wrestlers, and solid heels.  They should have a better time on SmackDown than they were having on Raw and ECW respectively.

15. Layla to Raw

Again, if they are really splitting the female talent up into wrestlers and "Divas" Layla will do fine on Raw. 

16. Kofi Kingston to Raw

This was my favorite pick of the Draft.  This guy has some skills that make him fly, and make him a great character to watch.  He will skyrocket to the Intercontinental level in almost no time on Raw.  And just for the sake of being cheesy, he'll hit Raw with a BOOM BOOM BOOM!

So there you go.  The 2008 Draft is seemingly complete, although you never fully know with the WWE.

If I personally had to give this Draft a rating overall, it would be a C+.

Some of the moves, now knowing some of the back-story, are understandable.  Triple H wanted to be close to Stephanie as she gets ready to deliver her second child, and Vince is legitimately wanting to get SmackDown beefed up.

So now, we wait and watch to see what happens this weekend.  Again, this could turn out to be a great idea from Vince, or something that effectively gives TNA it's opening to face the WWE in a true "Monday Night War." 

If that is the case, good storylines, good talent, and good television is on the horizon, but it is not something I am going to hope for.


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