Who's the Greatest Quarterback Ever?

Kyle MartinContributor IJune 25, 2008

There have always been debates on who the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL is. The following is a list based on achievements, records, and other things.

1) Johnny Unitas: He once went 47 straight games with a touchdown pass, and was at one point he was the all-time leader in yards and touchdowns.

2) Brett Favre: He currently is the all-time leader in yards, completions, touchdowns, and he also has the record for most consecutive starts.

3) Dan Marino: He's the former all-time leader in TDs, yards, and completions until Favre came along.

4) Joe Montana: The man won four Super Bowls, and he always found a way to win.

5) John Elway: He won a Super Bowl without much talent. He's arguably the best athlete ever to play QB, and he's arguably the greatest clutch QB as well.

6) Peyton Manning: If he can stay healthy and keep playing at such a high level, I can see him breaking almost every record a QB can.

7) Terry Bradshaw: Four Super Bowls should probably get him higher, but he was a bit sloppy for several years, and the main reason they won was the incredible defense.

8) Troy Aikman: Again, three Super Bowls should get you closer to No. 1, but he had an amzing supporting cast, including the NFL's all-time leading rusher Emmit Smith, and one of the better receivers ever to play in Michael Irvin. He still didnt have a tremendous TD-INT ratio.

9) Tom Brady: 3-1 Super Bowl record, and he beat out Peyton Manning in the AFC Championship game several times. He has the all-time single-season passing record with 50 TDs, and he's incredibly clutch.

10) Steve Young: He had the daunting task of filling Joe Montana's shoes in San Francisco. He's the definition of clutch, has a tremendous arm, and could run extremely well.


Well, that's my opinion. Feel free to comment or leave your opinions about this list.