Never easy in Oakland: Cavaliers 117, Warriors 114

Kirk LammersContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

Photo: Ben Margot/AP

When you shoot 53% on the road, get 52 points from your bench, and hold the opponent to 42% shooting, you expect to win. You certainly don't expect the other team to have a shot in the air to force overtime, but that's exactly what happened tonight in Golden State as the young, well-rested Warriors used highly-efficient three point shooting and 22 Cavalier turnovers to make this one a nail-biter.

Caught up in the pace: If a team, no matter who, is playing the Golden State Warriors, it is virtually inevitable that they are going to get caught up in the up-tempo style that the Warriors play. The Cavaliers are no exception to the rule, and the first quarter was a prime example of what happens. The Cavs held a two point lead after one at 33-31, but the Warriors were close because if you simply try to outscore the Warriors, you are going to have a hard time creating a lead and distancing yourself. Some of it is Golden State's shot-making ability, but the main problem tonight was anytime that the wine and gold missed a couple of buckets straight, Golden State would rattle off a quick run.