Pacquiao a true blood boxing Heroes

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Pacquiao a true blood boxing Heroes

Manny Pacquiao Filipino boxer is the number one pound 4 pound boxer of the world.  At 16 years old emaciated lean Filipino boy only weighed 106 lbs. Manny Pacquiao is 31 years old and now carries a weight of 145lbs. Pacquiao is the current welter weight South Paw champion of the world. AKA alias name, Pac-Man the “Destroyer” of boxing enemy, has moved up in several weight division classes. Manny Pacquiao fans highly perceive him as a generous, philanthropist boxing warrior in and outside the ring. Essentially outside the ring, Pacquiao   contributes most of his time and money to help the poverty in the Philippines. Pacquiao Profoundly a Christian man who also devotes his valuable time with god and his beloved family.  The hostilities and public enemy of Manny Pacquiao criticize him as frail Filipino boy that should be fighting in the feather weight division class.

I have come to noticed observing Manny Pacquiao over 13 years, has improved extraordinarily his boxing performances and boxing skills level. Growing up as an armature boxer Pacquiao was only a left hand fighter but throughout his boxing career has learned to use his right fist and able to execute in the boxing ring with a TKO against his boxing enemies.  Pacquiao has one of the two greatest quality boxing trainers. Freddie Roach, owner of the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, is a professional renowned boxing trainer and former boxer.  One of his closest cohorts is Manny Pacquiao have been working together for 9 quality years. Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s strength and condition and nutrition coach watches him very closely during training camp. Ariza analyzes Pacquiao’s speed stance, and overall his conditioning workouts. He is one of the hardest working boxers in today’s boxing era without a restraint runs in the highest peak mountain with his dog (Pac-Man).  I have watched Pacquiao trained at the Wild Card Gym during the Oscar De La Hoya bout. In my observation at the Wild Card Gym, he is excessively quick and an exceptional left jab, distinctively a sharp right hooks that is extremely arsenal. Never blink your eyes from the little big man. With 2 fast 2 furious punches coming from all angels, he clinches both fist and executes enough his boxing opponents to get frustrated with him.   In the past, Manny Pacquiao has had a few beatings himself but with that granitechin of his is able to grip those hard punches from his opponents and still standing like an ultimate boxing warrior. Pacquiao punches may seem deceiving from his enemies but it is just too difficult to predict Pacquiao’s punches because he is rapidly faster than a speed of light.

Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest boxing heroes since Muhammad Ali era. Pacquiao’s American fans and fellow countryman appreciate him highly because he s speaks with the highest praise of his boxing opponents nevertheless who avoid meaningless confrontation with his opponents.  It strikes me to hear that there are Pac haters who still belittle his boxing legacy. Recently, I had a few discussions with a few Pac-Man haters. I asked them to give me one simple valid reason for disapproving Pacquiao.  The room would be in spoken silence. Manny Pacquiao is the greatest boxer in today’s boxing era because he is a down to earth Filipino man who came from rags to riches and never forgot where he came from. Manny Pacquiao is a true boxing hero who will always be admired by his fans, and family. As Manny Pacquiao quoted “Mano to Mano”

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