The 10 Greatest Examples of Hockey-Tough

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The 10 Greatest Examples of Hockey-Tough

We all know that professional athletes are tough. They train hard, play hard, and must wear a game face through all kinds of situations in front of an international audience. But no athlete in the world is tougher than the professional ice hockey player. And hockey players prove that on a daily basis.

There are literally thousands of examples of players at all levels showing “hockey-toughness.” It’s not uncommon to see hockey players lose a tooth (or multiple teeth), break their nose, or get on-the-fly stitches on their face and continue to jump in the play, crash the net, throw big hits, and lay down to block shots. After nearly every playoff series, fans tune into press conferences to find out which players had continued playing while concealing major injuries.

Hockey is a game played on a hard, slippery surface, where fast moving athletes carrying sticks and wearing blades on their feet crash into each other at top speed; where a small piece of frozen rubber flies around at up to 100 MPH; where dropping the gloves and engaging in fisticuffs is an accepted part of the game; where fear and hesitation are not tolerable, and where sacrifice and pain are required for success. It’s no wonder that the game of hockey has given us some incredible stories of toughness.

I’ve put together a slide show of ten of the most amazing examples of hockey-toughness that I could think of. As I said though, there are thousands of other examples, so feel free to share them in the comments as well.

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