Could It Finally Be Over

Kyle McAreavyContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

Mark McGwire and steroids. Where have those two words been put together before? Is it possible that this is a true sign that the steroids era is over or just him trying to be accepted back in? Sure guys are getting off the juice because of the new test that are being regulated for teams now, but is the steroid age really over yet? I believe that to truly get out of the era of the performance enhancer then the guys that were the main guys that used need to come clean such as Mark McGwire has done. Men like Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds who will both deny usage but obviously did need to come clean. Now that we have had one of the three main guys come clean if the other two do then maybe it will finally be the end of the steroid era.

Many men have already come clean or have been forced into telling about their usage. Guys such as Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettit (weird that their both Yankees) or people such as Jason Giambi (another x Yankee) or Roger Clemens (wow all Yankees) who have all been great players. Roger Clemens was obviously one of the best pitchers of all time (6 Cy Young awards is record for most in a career) but when it was released that he used steroids people started to wonder how many he actually deserved. Jason Giambi in his career has 409 home runs, Alex Rodriguez is the fastest player to reach 500 home runs in his career and Andy Pettit has 229 wins now according to Pettit he only used to heal faster from injury.

The Mitchell report that was released a couple of years ago has really brought out the users from the non-users in the steroid era. It has released huge names such as Barry Bonds, Rick Ankiel and Jose Canseco. It released hundreds of names and really brought the problem of steroids out into the open in a way it hadn’t before. The only real way for the steroid era to end is for the people that have not all ready either made a statement or been forced into coming clean, to come clean on their own and apologize.