Best Of All Time Does Not Mean: Best In The Last Four YEARS

black nazareneContributor IJanuary 11, 2010

you have to be boxing for along time @ the top of your division. you have to try and clean out your division or @ least make a mandatory defense of your belts in that division. i can't believe that in this day and age when you win a major belt you don't have to make any kind of defence of it in that division , you just drop it and move on to the next weak champion in another division , that is so wrong yet some people head is so way up  pacquio arse that they refuse to see it .
carlos baldomir you remember him , when mayweather fought him alot of you pac man nothuggers in here laugh @ mayweather for fighting him but did you know that carlos baldomir beat joshua clottey before aint that ah bitch .and there is more -joshua clottey lost to miguel cotto and pac man beat cotto so please all you pac nothuggers  explain this to me why would he be fighting joshua clottey , is it because joshua clottely was hand pick again by pac man team why not make a mandatory defense of your belt to the top contender in that division not joshua clottely who is not in the top five in that div,  another hand pick fight again for the pac man then you want to complain about mayweather hand picking fighters. since when fighting Erik Morales , marco antonio barrera , juan manuel marquez ( which mayweather  dominate and you had two fight with him and lost one and draw the other) who is david diaz , oscar de la hoya who @ that time was old wash up and did lost first to mayweather @ 154lb , Ricky hatton was 40 -0 when mayweather fought him and knock him out . and there is miguel cotto - DAMAGE goods . so please how can fighting those guys who were not in their prime make you the best ???