Beat the Streak: June 25

Barry BealCorrespondent IJune 25, 2008

Want to win $1 million? If you stick with me, you can have it by late August.

Who says there’s no such thing as easy money?’s fantasy game, Beat the Streak, gives fans a chance to pick one player a day to get a hit. That’s all you have to do. Get it right for 57 consecutive days, and you are a millionaire. The best part is that the game is free.

Sure, nobody has done it yet, and the all-time high is 49 straight, but together, we can do it. So watch out, Joe DiMaggio, it’s time for Bleacher Report to assault your hallowed record.

After searching the internet for advice, I quickly found out that there wasn’t any! So in my frustrations over not having some help in this game, I’ll do the research and offer some advice of my own.

Here’s what I’ll offer every day. Two players who give you the best chance of getting a base hit that day. That’s it. You pick one of the two and join the thousands who play in praying that he gets a hit that night.

I’ll try to have it posted by 10 AM each day, because the picks are locked five minutes prior to the first pitch of the first game that day.


Wednesday, June 25 – Picks lock at 12:55 Eastern

Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers

Kinsler is 4-9 against Roy Oswalt. He has a homer and a double against the Astros’ pitcher. Kinsler also has a hit in six straight games. He’s hitting .324 against righties and .318 in the month of June.


David Wright, New York Mets

Wright is 2-7 lifetime against Seattle’s Miguel Batista, good for a .286 average. While that doesn’t look too spectacular, one of his hits is a homer, and he’s only struck out one time. Wright’s hitting .281 at home and .283 at night. To top it off, Batista's ERA is 6.00 and opponents are hitting .300 for the season.