St. Louis Blues Lack Patience

Robert PritchettContributor IJune 25, 2008

If I was the General Manager of the St. Louis Blues and was drafting players I would look for the best available talent. 

I wouldn't necessarily draft for position because if I drafted the best available player I could trade for position players I need and having the best available player puts me in a stronger position for negotiating a trade.

The problem with the Blues is that they have not let their talent develop. They seem to have the attitude if it doesn't happen over night it's time to trade.

It takes time for players to develop and the team to build chemistry and I don't believe the Blues have learned that lesson. Look at the teams that have come into the league after the Blues and the number of Stanley Cups they have won.

The Blues final appearance was when the league expanded from six to 12 teams and they were in the expansion division and made it to the finals. Not very impressive.

As far as input from the coach I believe he needs to have some of the input but also take the responsibility for that input.

Once again I repeat...for teams to be successful it's letting a team become a team. It's not the money spent or trying to trade for a championship.

St. Louis has to learn that lesson.