Dale Jr. Outranks Dad in Style

Robert PritchettContributor IJune 25, 2008


When is all the Dale Sr. praise going to stop?

Dale Sr. was a great driver and could pull victory from defeat, but it was not always pretty.

Whenever Dale Sr. had a chance to win he did whatever it took, which was to bump other cars, spin them out, drive through the grass.  He never felt he was wrong with most of his tactics to win and chalked it up to racing.

Which I believe is fine.

But when the shoe was on the other foot and Dale Sr. lost because of the way another driver went about winning, such as bumping or spinning him out, his statement would most always be that the driver shouldn't be on the track or it was a dirty or an uncalled for maneuver.

So if you are going to dish it out you have to take the same and be quiet.

Dale Jr. on the other hand hardly ever bad mouths another driver or place blame for happenings on the track.  He takes responsibility for incidents he causes.

It's no wonder he's the most popular driver in my opinion because he leaves the bad mouthing on the track and goes out and does his job.

Dale Jr. has surpassed his dad as a class act.