MLB: Omar Vizquel, Back in Cleveland

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IJune 24, 2008

Omar is back in town tonight.

I imagine the Indians will have a very good crowd tonight to cheer on one of Cleveland's favorite adopted sons.
His 11 years in Cleveland were memorable and his flare for fielding is unprecedented.
I remember watching him grow from an "all glove and no bat guy" in 1994 to slugging 14 homeruns in 2002.
His 8 gold gloves as an Indian will probably never be matched, and his base stealing prowess was great in his prime.
Although he is struggling this year, batting only .171, Tribe fans everywhere will be tuned in this week, remembering how much he meant to the organization, during the golden era of Cleveland Indians baseball (1994-2001).

Many of the talk shows say that Cleveland should bring him back so he can retire as an Indian.
It would have been a treat for that to happen if we were in contention (like last year with Kenny Lofton), but unfortunately the Wahoos are 7 games under .500 and look dead in the water.
I would like to see him get traded to Boston or the Cubs as a late inning defensive replacement so he can have one more October to make barehanded stabs and get a chance to win a ring.
Omar Vizquel will always be one of my favorite Indians of all-time and tonight will be a chance for all of Cleveland to celebrate his career.
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