NFL Fantasy Football: Offseason Quarterback Rankings

Jacob SloanSenior Analyst IJune 25, 2008

Prompted by many an unruly quarterback (QB) ranker online these days, I’ve compiled my current top 12 list of fantasy QBs.

For the most part, I base these rankings off of projected stats for 2008, but considering these top 12 are also going to be the first QBs you want to draft, reliability and consistency has to count for something.


1. Tom Brady (Patriots)
Brady tops the list because he was a stat monster last year, but I have doubts he will repeat. Still, he stays on top because that’s where you will have to pick him if you want him on your fantasy team this year.


2. Tony Romo (Cowboys)
Romo led the second-ranked, high-powered offense of the Cowboys in 2007 and is poised to repeat. All his weapons return, plus a few more.


3. Peyton Manning (Colts)
Manning consistently tops the fantasy QB list and deserves it. Regardless of the health of Marvin Harrison, the Colts offense lives off Peyton Manning’s arm. He puts up the fantasy points to prove it, too. Consider him the 2B to Romo. He only drops to B because his receivers might be in flux this year behind Reggie Wayne.


4. Drew Brees (Saints)
The Saints had the most passing attempts in 2007—by a loooong shot. With an improved running game and possibly a defense in 2008, Brees could settle down and be more efficient. For now, he has the potential to be here at the top if his receivers catch as much as he throws.


5. Carson Palmer (Bengals)
Unless he loses his receivers this offseason, Palmer has the ability to quarterback one of the most potent passing offenses in the NFL. The Bengals' habit of getting in shootouts because of their poor defense always makes him a good bet to be high-scoring. He will have an improved defense…but it’s still the Bengals.


6. Derek Anderson (Browns)
The Donte Stallworth addition gives him the ingredients that Brady had last year, plus a more dangerous tight end. Anderson could tear it up in 2008, but he will have to improve his accuracy so he doesn’t put up so many interceptions.


7. Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)
Big Ben proved he was a top talent at QB in 2007 by breaking out the TD arm. Of course, he had to with Willie Parker’s inability to get it in the end zone. With more weapons for the offense, including his big-target receiver in Limas Sweed, Big Ben should repeat and could put even more TDs up. My guess is that Rashard Mendenhall still keeps them running hard-nosed in some scoring situations.


8. Donovan McNabb (Eagles)
Before he became so plagued with injuries, McNabb would have been ranked much higher, but 2007 was still a disappointing, inconsistent season for him. Barring injury and with the improvement of the receivers around him—I’m talking about you, Reggie Brown—McNabb could return to form. The addition of DeSean Jackson doesn’t hurt.


9. Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks)
The Seahawks receivers are damaged (Deion Branch), old (Bobby Engram) or gone (D.J. Hackett). It’s Nate Burleson and Seattle’s pack of young guys who will have to step up this year if he is to be successful. For now, I’ll keep an optimistic outlook against my nature and put him in the top 10.


10. Jay Cutler (Broncos)
His big-arm potential puts him here, but many questions surround Cutler this season. He should see significant improvement now that his diabetes has been identified, but he faces another hard schedule in 2008. Questions surround his leading receiver, Brandon Marshall, but Marshall is also poised for his breakout third year—if you believe in that stuff. Promising tight end Tony Scheffler is still plagued by his foot injury. Despite all that, I like Cutler for this season, but a safe bet would be to snag a promising QB2 behind him or to platoon him with a crew of greats on your fantasy team.


11. Eli Manning (Giants)
If Plaxico Burress was really playing through injury last season, his full health and the improvement of the young pack of WRs the Giants have now—Steve Smith, Sinorice Moss, Mario Manningham—could help Eli for 2008. Note that this is also the point where QBs start to huddle together as far as rankings go and begin to have similar upsides and risks. Note that I also don’t particularly like putting confidence in Eli Manning. Note that I have nothing against the guy…note that.


12. David Garrard (Jaguars)
Garrard plays in a run-first, run-always offense, but his efficiency makes him a top talent. Many people didn’t realize how reliable a fantasy QB he was last year despite his lack of flash. Take him as a QB1, and you can get crazy with your QB2. You know Garrard isn’t going to lose you any points each week. He has slightly improved WRs for 2008, but Garrard will still hand off more than he throws.

I could go on…but this early in the off-season, let’s stick with just ranking the top 12. These QBs could all have teams based around them, and besides the top four, you could snag one of them in the middle rounds of your draft.

Comment below and, if you want to give back to the world, don’t try to be more green, just submit or vote for my rankings on BallHype or YardBarker (buttons below) to silence the crazies. I swear their voices are in my head ranking Romo outside of the top five and Eli Manning No. 2 overall.

Make the voices stop. I can’t take it anymore.


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