Breaking News: Ludvig Borga Passes Away

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2010

Tony Halme (47), better known to wrestling fans as Ludvig Borga, has passed away at his home in Finland. No cause of death has been determined and the police are underway with a criminal investigation.

Halme worked for multiple promotions including the WWF, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and the Catch Wrestling Association in Germany. Borga was on his way to a major push in the WWF with some believing he would become champion before an injury sidelined him ultimately leading to him leaving the company. Borga did capture the IWGP Tag Team Championship with Scott Norton during his career.

Aside from wrestling, Halme had a short career as a professional boxer and MMA fighter. He was also elected to Finnish Parliament.

Our thoughts go out to Halme's family.