Chris Bosh to Houston?

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIJanuary 10, 2010

As the summer of 2010 rapidly approaches, the three top free-agents have kept fairly quiet. Lebron is focused on getting his team back the finals, Wade is just trying to get his team a good playoff seed, and the Raptors are just surviving in the East. However, the Raptors have made some news recently with trade rumors that appear to deal with their franchise player.

Chris Bosh has been leaked with some rumors that would send him to the Houston Rockets. ESPN's Marc Stein reported Friday that the Rockets would be willing to trade Bosh as soon as possible, even if the free-agent won't resign with them in the summer. Would this deal include McGrady, who started his career in Toronto? I personally would love to see this trade. Chris has been stuck in Toronto for a while now and this would finally give him an opportunity to show the league what he can do with a playoff contending team.

I think if the deal were to go down before the February 18th deadline, the Rockets would have to send at least two players, maybe even three. Bosh is currently averaging 23.7 PPG, 11.3 RPG, and 2.0 APG. Those are All-Star numbers, and if the Raptors got any attention throughout the league, Bosh would be a bigger deal. Not that he is non-existent, but he certainly needs to be given more attention than he does.