Is the NFL's Rooney Rule Helpful or Demeaning?

Keith Becker uosportsdude.comCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2010

I completely understand how important it is for minorities be given an equal chance for head coaching jobs (or anything else for that matter), but from their point of view, are they appreciative for the help or do they feel like it’s demeaning?

In the Seattle Seahawks situation right now, where they fired Jim Mora Jr. with the sole intention of hiring Pete Carroll, do they really need to interview a black coach?

Seattle has no intention of hiring Leslie Frazier, or anyone for that matter, so why go through the condescending formality of an awkward interview?

The Rooney Rule is basically saying we don’t think you’re good enough to get head coaching jobs on your own, so let’s force teams to start interviewing minorities. Maybe we’ll get lucky with Mike Tomlin or Tony Dungy and prove to all the general managers out there that they are just as good as white coaches.

While I agree with the intention of giving minorities an equal chance at head coaching jobs, this process makes it seem belittling. Kind of like a fifth wheel on a date, they don’t really want you there, but maybe you’ll prove them wrong and end up having a good time.

I’m sure Leslie Frazier is a great coach and will get his chance in the near future, but can he keep his dignity after such a forced interview with the Seahawks?

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