2010 Hall Of Fame: Not So Fast Mr Reed.

Kevin RContributor IApril 6, 2017

Simon Bruty/Getty Images

Another year of Hall of Fame eligibility, and another year for the best Buffalo Bills receiver of all time to wait.

I don't have to list his career statistics here, since Bills fans know his accomplishments, and others can look on Wikipidia.

It's easy to say that the Hall of Fame is all about who has the best stats and rings. I'd love to say that, but the truth is that sometimes you just aren't the best option for the public popularity...and this season and you just have to be patient.

It's not really anything personal, its about the numbers, and the numbers, and the numbers...

2—The number of first ballot hall of famers that will get in this season (Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith).

3—The number of eligible wide recievers that are ahead of Andre Reed in total yardage (Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Chris Carter).

5—The maximum number of inductees from the modern era that can be inducted in a single season.

80—The percentage of votes that a finalist needs to get into the Hall.

These are some of the only numbers in Andre Reed's fabulous career that he isn't on the right side of...but just like every other obstacle he encountered with the Bills, he will overcome them.

Then again, this could be his year. I could be wrong, and I hope I am.