Tony Dungy: It's a Call South Florida Needs to Make

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Tony Dungy:  It's a Call South Florida Needs to Make
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The University of South Florida has already made the call to Eric Dungy. He's a wide receiver at Tampa's Plant High School. He is a USF recruit.

With the firing of Jim Leavitt, USF Athletic Director Doug Woolard needs to make another local phone call.

He needs to call Tony Dungy. Needs to ask. Needs to offer him the vacant USF coaching position, needs to give Tony the opportunity to coach Eric at USF.

Sounds like a longshot, doesn't it?

Amidst the names of Tuberville, Bowden, Holtz and a host of others, there's one name missing: Tony Dungy.

USF needs to ask. The worst that can happen is that Dungy will say thanks but no thanks and tell you he is flattered by the attention.  That's how he is.

But not so fast.

Would Tony Dungy find it appealing to coach a team that included his son?

Family is so very important to him.

Tony Dungy would be the scoop of the century.

Jim Leavitt would end up an afterthought.

A longshot?


But it's a call USF needs to make.

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