2008 AFC South Preview

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2008 AFC South Preview

I think since everyone else is predicting on how the NFL teams will do in the 2008 season, I think it's my turn. I will do an article for each division and then an article for the playoffs. Here we go:

This article, I will tell you my predictions for the AFC South.

2008 Final Standings:

Indianapolis Colts: 12-4

Jacksonville Jaguars: 9-7

Tennessee Titans: 8-8

Houston Texans: 7-9

The Colts will be too dominate in this competitive division to have the rest of the division fight for the AFC South title.

The Jaguars will hold off the Titans for second place. Expect the Jaguars to have a chance to win the division in 2009.

The Titans will struggle this year, but expect them to have a chance to win the division in 2009.

The Texans will try to make a move in 2008 to bring them to the competitiveness in 2009.

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Indianapolis Colts

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