2008 AFC North Preview

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IJune 24, 2008

I think since everyone else is predicting on how the NFL teams will do in the 2008 season, I think it's my turn to predict how well the teams will do. I will do an article for each division and then an article for the playoffs. Here we go:

This article, I will tell you my predictions for the AFC North:


2008 Final Standings:

Cleveland Browns: 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals: 8-8

Baltimore Ravens: 6-10


The Browns will have the edge over the Steelers this year to win their first division since coming to the league in 1999 (I do not count the Browns that were there before 1996). Derek Anderson will be a superstar. It's Cleveland's turn to win the title.

The Steelers will be just short of the AFC North title this year.

The Bengals will improve from last year, but enough to bring them up to .500. Expect the Bengals to contend for second place this year and for the division title in 2009.

The Ravens will have a rebuilding year this year with a new coach and trying to replace Ogden.