Who Are The Super Bowl Favourites?

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJanuary 9, 2010

SAN DIEGO - JANUARY 03:  Michael Bennett #29 of the San Diego Chargers stiff arms Brian Orakpo #98 of the Washington Redskins in the second half at Qualcomm Stadium on January 3, 2010 in San Diego, California. The Chargers defeated the Redskins 23-20.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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It’s wild card weekend and that just means we are that much closer to the NFL Super Bowl! The Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in North America! With this year’s Super Bowl I think  there are a few teams who should and can be considered favourites for that trophy. Let’s break down which teams you should be keeping your eyes on as the playoffs unravel.

San Diego Chargers

With this year’s stories of the two undefeated teams(later to be defeated) and Brett Favre these guys were overshadowed and didn’t get much media, but that doesn’t mean they should be ruled out of the equation. The San Diego Chargers should be considered one of the front-runners to appear in this year’s Super Bowl matchup and maybe even win it.

They are going into the playoffs with the second best record in the league(13-3). Of course the best record belongs to the Indianapolis Colts who could potentially meet them in the conference final with one of them advancing to the Super Bowl match. Now with the Colts being the undefeated team for a good number of the season the advantage should go to them, right?

Think again. Going into the divisional matchups the Chargers are riding an 11 game winning streak. With all that momentum under their tails what chances do you really think they have of losing. They will be riding high and with great play they can keep on riding of all that momentum straight into the playoffs. The team is looking good too if you ask me. Philip Rivers is a great QB. Although he is very cocky he’s got great play to back it up. Then when you go to the running game you have one of the best RB in the league for you so it just makes it that much more dangerous. It means whether you are throwing or keeping it on the ground there could and should be a great result. Also don’t forget about the prescence of Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates.

The Chargers look built this season and look like they could go all the way, but only the weeks can show if that is going to happen. However like I’ve mentioned, do keep your eye on them.

Minnesota Vikings

The man who basically defines, “unable” is back again. Unable to do what? Oh don’t kid around, unable to retire of course. Yes Bret Favre, there has been a new disease named after you. It’s called the Favre flu. If you get it and you are a sports athlete you will continue to taunt the idea of retirement, but won’t do it in the end. Anyways.

Despite the fact that it’s annoying hearing about how Brett Favre can’t retire, you can’t deny what he has done for the Vikings this season. What has he done? He’s made them great! He turned them into one of the favoured teams to win the Super Bowl. You know inside you that without him we probably won’t be saying that.

He has done a great job this season and has helped the Minnesota Vikings finish with an impressive 12-4 record to clinch their division. Now they have a bye for wild card weekend and will be waiting for their opponent for the divisional playoffs. With any luck they will win that and could go on to the conference finals and if they can win that we are going to see them at the Super Bowl.

Of course that’s no easy task, but I’m sure their star players, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and more can get the job done. So keep an eye on these guys too, they could prove dangerous.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are going into this playoff season as the top dogs no doubt. They are going in with the best record in the NFL and favoured to win the Super Bowl. They have a great QB in Peyton Manning, that’s no doubt and a great pairing in Reggie Wayne and Manning(who actually won Power Duo of the Year here at our End of the Year Awards, more on that soon). They have a great team that is sure to go far.

The Colts have clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs and that should surely help them. Playing in front of a crowd that’s cheering for them to win is without a doubt better than listening to a crowd chanting the other team’s name so that will help the psychologically. Something else that should help them get motivated is they are indeed the top team in the NFL and have been that way for quite some time.

The team is really dangerous this season and every season because they have one of the smartest QB the league has seen in a while. That man, Peyton Manning shall be a big key to the Colts capturing the Super Bowl this season. If you think a few seasons back the Colts did indeed capture the Super Bowl and with any luck they can do it again.

The Colts will be waiting to see who their opponents will be for the Divisional playoffs and after that with god’s help they will go on to the conference finals to face another team and if all goes well we’ll see them in the Super Bowl. The most likely matchup for the conference finals is San Diego Chargers v. The Colts and if you think back to last year when the Colts met the Chargers in wildcard weekend they lost. Will that fuel them this time or does it mean they’ll lose again?

No matter that, keep your eyes on the Colts in the playoffs.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are coming,the Saints are coming! Indeed they are and every time they came they brought something with them. The New Orleans Saints are without a doubt one of the favoured for the Super Bowl game. Some have counted the Saints out because after they were defeated they just lost it? Well I disagree with that piece of thought.

The Saints go into the playoffs tied for the second best record in the league(13-3) and with the momentum of that undefeated winning streak. They can take good things from that. They can take the fact that they managed to do something no other Saints squad could and that was go 13-0. It was a proud moment in franchise history and they should take pride in that.

The New Orleans Saints just like the Colts have clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They will sit back on wildcard weekend and find the time to regroup and go into the divisional playoffs like a team that is ready to go for it all. Let’s not forget who their QB is. Now I know some of you may not like him and have doubted him his whole life, but you have to give it to Drew Brees, he is good!

He’s carried the team and has proved to all the nay sayers out there that he can be their franchise QB and do good things for them. He was key in accomplishing what they did this season and I am loving every moment of this guy. He is going to go into the games knowing that he still has doubters, but he can also go in knowing he has people who truly believe in him. Either way he will make his team a real threat in the playoffs.

Other Team that could arise

There are a few more teams that could go into the mix when talking the Super Bowl contenders.

NE Patriots-You are probably saying to yourselves, “What Patriots!? Is this guy for real?” You’re darn right I am. New England is and still should be a team that jumps into the mix when you are thinking about teams that could be heading to the Super Bowl.

First of all everyone has been saying, “Wes Welker is down and out they’ve got no chances now.” Ha, you are joking right? Take a look at their teams yes they still have a chance. Damn it are you forgetting Randy Moss? If you are let me hit you right on the noggin. Moss is an excellent receiver that will step up if he is needed to. You also have Isaiah Stanback that will be able to go in there and do a good job as a replacement for him so I don’t see the urgency in all of you to call 911.

Also have you forgotten who Quarterbacks this team? Damn it yes I mean Tom Brady. In case you have been blind for the last few years let me remind you of how good this guy is. He is the man who guided them a few years back to that near undefeated season. This is the man who also holds the record for Most TDs in a single season and you are counting this team out already? Foolish on your part.

Last, but not least, tell me who is their coach? Bill Belichek can make anything possible and he might just do that with the Patriots this season so let’s not just burry the Patriots before things have started. Despite the fact they have the Ravens in the wild card weekend I believe they can pull off a win their and advance to the divisional playoffs and from there on if they kick things up a notch we may just have our Super Bowl champions.

GB Packers-Yes the Packers should be considered for this too. They have a great young QB who is learning and gaining experience with every step of the way and they have Rodgers, Driver and Grant who should make for a great run. Are they going to win for sure? Not likely, but can they make a run for it? Of course. They have arguably the best defense in the NFC right now.

In wild card weekend they have Arizona which is not an easy task, but they can handle them in my mind. Another thing to keep in mind is in recent memory the lower seeds have ended up winning the Super Bowl and if the trend continues we might just see Green Bay take it. Which would be to the liking of Sagar Panchal.

So keep Green Bay in the back of your minds too.

Who is my front-runner and who will appear in the Super Bowl?

AFC-No, not the 14-2 Colts, but the 13-3 San Diego Chargers shall represent the AFC this year. Like I said earlier the winning streak shall do wonders in for their confidence. They will most likely be facing New England and the Colts on their way to the Super Bowl, but with guys like Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates, Philip Rivers, Tomilinson and the great San Diego defense they can overcome that. We all know that LT’s days are numbered so don’t be surprised if they push a little further to get him and all of themselves a ring before they say good-bye to him.

NFC-Green Bay, Minnesota, New Orleans? Who comes out of it a winner? The team that made franchise history of course. The Saints will turn some heads when they do this, but I am sure they can do this. Headlined by my boy, Drew Brees the Saints will make a charge to the Super Bowl with hope of winning it for good.

And your winner…

Saints, Chargers, who wins? If you ask me San Diego will take it this year. They have a great team, riding high and have high hopes of championship. I say this year they finally achieve that goal and win the Super Bowl. It would be nice to have Tomilinson walk away with a Super Bowl ring and if they play to the full extent that is exactly what will happen.

Closing Segment

So you know what I think and how I see it playing out, don’t be hesitant to tell me your thoughts below if you got time. Thanks for reading everyone.

This article was originally published on FTS Sports Writing(soon to be moved and renamed as Iron Journal). Check out more great pieces from Svyato and the staff.


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