Will a Hasslebeck Return To The Raiders ?

raiderdad4everContributor IJanuary 8, 2010

6 Sep 1997:  Quarterback Matt Hasslebeck of Boston University roles out to pass during the Eagles 28-21 loss to Temple University at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mandatory Credit: Tomasso DeRosa  /Allsport
Tomasso Derosa/Getty Images

 With the recent firing of Jim Mora along with the fact the team is searching for a GM it seems the Seahawks are in for a change, Could the starting Quarterback be joining the Raiders? Could Matt Hasslebeck help the Raiders. He is a leader who can get the job done. This could make sense since he could play for the team his father Don played for. In 1983 he was a reserve tightend who blocked the extra point on the second half touchdown of the Redskins in Superbowl XVIII. Matt could help as the starter as a back up to Gradikowski. It would be a good Raider story if he did leave the seahawks for the Raiders.