Carter's Thoughts On The 2010 BCS National Championship Game

David CarterCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 07:  Running back Mark Ingram #22 and defensive lineman Marcell Dareus #57 of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate after winning the Citi BCS National Championship game over the Texas Longhorns at the Rose Bowl on January 7, 2010 in Pasadena, California. The Crimson Tide defeated the Longhorns 37-21.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

I know that there’s quite a few people who want to know my input on the National Championship Game so here we go..

The Alabama Crimson tide won the National Championship last night clearly because they are the best team in the nation and played a more executed game than Texas. They made a few more plays, they ran the ball much better, and they certainly made the better hits. Even one that knocked a guy out of the game.

Alabama knocked Colt McCoy out, which did some damage, but I still believe that if McCoy never would’ve gotten hurt, the game would’ve definitely been a closer one but I still believe Alabama still would’ve won. When the score went from 24-6 to 24-21, both teams seemed as if they has a huge shot to win the game, which is true. It was all basically up to who would make more plays during the last seven minutes or so. And it was Alabama who made those key plays that eventually gave them the championship. When Eryk Anders made that hit on Garrett Gilbert that caused him to make his fifth turnover of the game on the Longhorns’ two-yard line, we all have to admit…the game was pretty much over. It kinda made me think about the movie “The Blindside” (excellent movie by the way). All sides have to be covered in order for the QB to play well. But in this case, that didn’t happen for Texas.

The defensive line of Alabama didn’t get too many sacks in the game, but the defense as a whole still managed to get the job done (no surprise there). They made plays to finish it off and held their heads high in the end.

Many say that Texas played a great game defensively, which is partially true. But they still gave up way to many key runs. Mark Ingram proved to me the rest of the nation why he won the Heisman Trophy. He was unstoppable on pretty much every play that he was in. It’s no surprise that he recorded over 100 yards and two touchdowns and broke 586 tackles. Well, maybe not that many tackles but it seemed like it with the way Texas tried to tackle him. It was impossible to bring him down.

As far as Colt McCoy goes, it’s a shame that he got hurt last night. Even I, an Oklahoma Sooners’ fan, wanted to see him come back and play the game. But it is what is. You can’t really change it and big hits are just a part of the game and the Longhorns had to move on from it. Marcell Dareus laid a good hit on him and also picked off a shovel pass (which was kinda silly for Garrett Gilbert to throw) and returned it for a touchdown.

But going back to the injury, I did feel bad for McCoy getting hurt, like everybody watching the game should’ve felt. But Garrett Gilbert came into the game and surprised me a little bit. For a guy who only threw 26 passes this year, he played okay. I say OKAY and not GOOD because he threw only 15 completions out of his 40 attempts and turned the ball over FIVE times. It took him forever to get his groove going in the game and once he did, it was too late. Once the game went 24-21, that’s when Alabama put in their best work and laid out Gilbert, which caused him to turn it over deep in his own territory. I would say the game was officially over once Colt McCoy got out of the game, but to be honest, Bama finally put a bow on it once Mark Ingram scored his second touchdown.

Alabama proved to me that they deserved to win this game because they play much better defense, they made the bigger hits, made more plays and ran the ball better, like I mentioned earlier. And also again, even if Colt McCoy would’ve played in the whole game, I still believe Alabama would’ve won the game with the way their defense was playing and with the way Texas was playing for the first three quarters. Not to get on my high horse or anything but let’s be honest here: Alabama ran the ball very well, while Texas ran the ball very poorly.  And Texas just had one too many costly penalties and turnovers. Tre’ Newton and D.J. Monroe are both very fast running backs but they are not Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson. Not even close.

I’m giving my game ball to Alabama RB Mark Ingram for running for over 100 yards (again) and scoring twice on 22 carries on this talented Texas defense.

Let’s face it. Alabama played better. They deserve to be the champions regardless of who the Texas QB would’ve been. I would say it’s back to the drawing board for the Longhorns, but the season’s over and they can’t really prepare for anything until the spring practices.

Alabama can call themselves NATIONAL CHAMPIONS for the 13th time (Wow, that’s a lot!)