Mailbag Question: Regarding Recruiting in Ohio

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Recruiting in Ohio
Hey Guys,

I think your both from Ohio and I was wondering how do you think Michigan's recruiting is going in Ohio and how does Ohio State's recruiting affect Michigan with so many commits this early.

What does Michigan need to do to get back in Ohio more and get some of those players that don’t want to go to osu.

Where does Coach Rod need to improve on in recruiting and where are you surprised he is doing so well
Thanks for the question. Yes both CoachBt and ErocWolverine are from Ohio (Northwest Ohio area). It is our opinion that Ohio recruiting is very important for Michigan regardless who head coach is. We also think there is no reason for Michigan to give up Ohio to Ohio State. There are areas in Ohio that Ohio State historically has not done as well.

Ohio generally has enough talent that Michigan should always be able to get quality athletes out of the state. We have been very pleased so far with Coach Rod’s success in Ohio. This is a long-term project, and Michigan has a lot of ground to make up.

Ohio State under Coach Tressell has a huge infrastructure advantage in Ohio and is not going to let Michigan come in and take over. This is going to take a ton of work and effort for Michigan to start being major players for the top-level talent in Ohio. Much of the work is going to be simple legwork. show up at the clinics, travel to the high schools and start to make the contacts and connections. This will not be easy, but the potential benefits make the effort worthwhile.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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