Sidney Ponson to Start for Yankees....Again

Howard SpaethContributor IJune 24, 2008

The New York Yankees have announced that they are going to start RHP Sidney Ponson on Friday night against the Pirates. Ponson has been pitching decently this season for the Rangers before being waived by them.

His record this year is 4-1 with a 3.88 and 25 strikeouts in 55.2 innings. He has allowed 71 hits in those innings.

Ponson has pitched for the Yankees in 2006. He started two games while winning only one of them. He was sent to the bullpen when the Yankees acquired the late Cory Lidle from the Phillies. This deal also included Bobby Abreu.

Is this the right move for the Yankees to make?

They have no answers in that starting rotation.

Hughes isn't expected back until September at minimum. Kennedy is due back soon but it is not certain when  Wang is out till September. Rasner is proving that he can step it up and fill a big hole.

Igawa is a huge bust. He is doing very well down in the minors but he cannot pitch in the big leagues. The Yankees have made a bad move so far into his very short career.

Mussina is proving once again that an older pitcher can have a big first half of the year. Pettitte's a pitcher who you have to score runs for. Yes, you have to score runs but with Pettitte it seems like he can't hold a lead for anything.

Joba is making a very good transition into the rotation which is what all the fans and front office were hoping for. 

The Yankees do have a lot of young talent in the minors but they do need more experience in the minors.

Ponson can give them a decent fifth starter until one of their young pitchers is ready or until a starter comes off the DL.

The Yankees could go after Sabathia but what will it cost? There is talk around the town that it may take Joba in order to get C.C.. The Yankees, if they were smart, would not do this. Sabathia is not having a very good year and no one knows how he would handle the pressure in New York. 

Cano should not be going anywhere. He is having a terrible first half but he can turn it around and he is one of the best fielding second baseman in all of baseball. His friendship with Melky Cabrera is a strong one. They drive to the ballpark together and they also have a home run celebration that is truly unique.

When someone hits a home run they have a handshake with that person and then they make a bridge over him and they start jumping. If you cannot picture it look for it somewhere that has video archives.  These two bring youth to that team, which is what it needs.

Joba is unproved as a starter. He is tremendous as the eighth inning set up man. We know that he can maintain his velocity into the sixth inning. The Yankees should not trade him. He is too valuable to that team. He has worked so hard to get to where he is.

Harlan, his dad, has made Joba into the person he is today. He can handle the New York press which is very hard to do. Harlan has been stricken with polio since he was a very young boy. Joba's love for him shows how much he means to him.

Joba is a starter/reliever that should remain put as a Yankee just like Jeter, Posada, and Mariano Rivera have done.