The Giant fix a lot of little things

charles 007Contributor IJanuary 7, 2010

Okay lets not bs this year was horrid. Fact of the matter is a rookie dc who left all forms of pressure in the playbook at home combined with three out of four starters in the secondary missing loads of time let the defense die. The 3 big free agent acquistions were less than effective (I still think Boley and Canty can Play) in very limited action and injurys to Tuck and Pierce (Who is over the hill) then spit on the grave. So the biggest issue was the d SHOCKER.

First the heads have begun to roll and Im okay with that but the correct highers have to be made to fix the problem, a young energetic DC with a chip on his shoulder from a proven 4-3 alignment that has track record of success. Secondly the personal in place can be successful but there are needs of depth as shown by this year and the MLB in waiting needs to be found and the organization better not miss on this one. AP can have one more year but then he is done. The rest of the problems can be minimized, the team needs to look into hiring a new staff in the training and conditiong department because its the only way to really limit injury and lost time. Better flexability along with better stretching could really help. All of these things can be done through the draft and effective management.

The Special Teams

FIRE EVERYONE field goals were missed way to often, kickoffs way to short, punts to short and not enough hang time, and pathetic tackeling lead to far too many missed opertunites, points taken off the board and a losing battle for field postion. This should have been adressed last year after the playoff game against Philly if Tynes would have hit all his kicks the Giants are still in the game at the end. I think this is a pretty easy area to fix basic stuff you cannot tell me there is not a punter and kicker out there that will preform beter than the current guys on the roster. Make Special teams more important to the rest of the team Offenseive and Defensive starters need to be screaming at their back ups to play harder on the teams. The coaches need to place more emphisis on the basics stay in your lane gunners that dont get forced out and better tackeling. Most special teams guys are young and get ahead of themselevs they just need to slow down and do the basics and success will follow.


The Offense

I was actually very pleased with the Offense considering that Jacobs is done he cant reach the corner no burst and you dont get faster as you get older, Killdrive is to blame for poor use of talent but if he is in Ny he wont change. the collapse of the o-line was a bit of a shocker but they only had a year left together anyway but I believe they can draft and use two TE sets along with a lone back chipping this will give the recievers time to get into their routes and following their release run short to intermediate routes underneth for check downs. Eli discussion over he is and Elite QB put him with SD and he kills the weather and competion out west please. He had his best year for the franchise when the rest of the team fell apart. The recievers have a ton of upside Smith is a great number two reminds me of Welker anyone watching the Gmen the past three years knew he would step up and he did. Nicks is a stud and will only get better turning into an true number one quickly, so much talent and he is a tough kid who goes over the middle and makes people miss. Manningham great speed good hands, piss poor route running and ball security both issues correctable through coaching. Does anyone know why Barden didnt get any snaps in the "green zone" Maybe he doesnt run the passing tree great or contribute on special teams, that being said you cant coach being six five and how to use your body. The kid should have been in there he ran the fade non stop in school and they spent a third round pick on him he clearly has work to do hes not a between the 20's reciever but for one route everytime they hit the redzone, why not? 


Look this year sucked and its gonna hurt watching Phi Dal (I want Wade to keep his job I dont want to see Cohwer coaching them they might actually play up to their potential which would be scary) This team can win and should most of the fixes are simple and there is a ton of talent. The injurys along with the DC hurt alot any feedback would be cool but dont be a tool this is my first post and would like to hear what other Giants fans think.