The 4SB Podcast Has Returned!

4 Sport BostonCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2010

(The 4 Sport Boston Podcast can be found at )

After a little hiatus for the holidays, the 4SportBoston podcast has returned and boy, did we have a lot to cover.

With the Patriots marching into the playoffs, the Bruins making moves and finally playing the much hyped Winter Classic, the Celtics coming back down to Earth, the Red Sox wheeling and dealing, and all four teams being riddled with injuries, there's no word shortage in this week's edition.

I wanted to take a new approach to this for you listeners too since most fans are more interested in some teams than others, so here is the rundown of what times you can catch your favorite team at:

Open - Bruins
20:30 - Celtics
29:17 - Patriots
43:40 - Red Sox
51:50 - Celtics week ahead
53:00 - Bruins week ahead
56:00 - Pats week ahead

Also, we took a solid few minutes to discuss hockey fights since the Bruins and Flyers recently executed the first fight ever in the Winter Classic. Please answer the poll  as to how you feel about hockey fights, since the NHL tries to discourage them to draw fans but we think just the opposite.

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