Open Mic: In Which Sport Does the General Manager Matter Most/Least?

Harris DeckerSenior Analyst IJune 24, 2008

For this week’s open mic discussions, one of the topics is in which sport do the general manager matter the most/least?

I'm going to speak briefly on this topic. Of course, all I do is write about baseball, and I do believe that these general mangers have the hardest job in baseball.

I do believe that football has a very difficult job, having to fill a lot of positions and stay under the cap. The reason baseball takes the cake is because of the length of the season.

GM's like Brian Cashman and Omar Minaya have to make sure that 25 players are on the field for average 180 games each year. This can be a painstaking job.

The other part of there job is making sure that the other six teams within the organization (minors) are filled with players that will eventually make it to the majors.

Keeping all of this in line is a 365, seven days a week, 24 hour a day job.

I wanted to be brief with this discussion. I would really like to hear what your thoughts are on this.