AA: A man to watch. Stock Grade High.

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AA: A man to watch. Stock Grade High.

Today even the Toronto Star labelled GM Alex Anthopoulos a man to watch in 2010.

The Star quotes AA: "I'm not sleeping as – let's call it `as smoothly' – as I did in the past," says Alex Anthopoulos, the new general manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. "My mind is racing."

For anyone who's experienced that mind racing passion when they sleep like I have many times over the last few years, you know there's a burning passion inside of you. For AA, there must be a burning passion unimaginable even to I.

"They want me to hire a personal assistant," Anthopoulos says, sounding unsure. "I mean, I can't imagine anyone bringing me coffee. How would you feel if someone was bringing you coffee?"

AA might just need a personal assistant. Because when the mind races too long....the wheels sometimes fall off when you're tired as hell, man...

AA's gotta stay fresh man! So that the city with a spectacular tower can cheer all year long for these Toronto Blue Jays...

The story even took away from Edwin's embarassing fireworks mishap!

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