Pittsburgh Steelers JuggerNOT

Rich HeckmanContributor IJanuary 6, 2010

Yearning for days past whilst preparing to watch Steelerless playoffs is not what I had invisioned for this time of year. Somewhere along the way the wheels fell off of Pittsburgh's wagon, and I'm sore depressed.

Now I am hearing the cry for the termination of offensive co-ordinator Bruce Arians.  Myself being of the opinion that the offense is responsible for scoring enough points to win games, I cannot in all fairness put the onus for the disaster the season ended up, on the offense. with football being a three stage game, offense, defense, and special teams, I would say the offense performed better than the others.

Seemingly the Steelers had the lead in quite a few games going into the final minutes of four or five of those losses. Was it not the top rated defense of 2008 that capitulated? Then there is the fiasco we like to call special teams that was giving away kick returns like it was going out of style, not to mention the alcaholic kicker that couldn't put the ball between the cross bars on three chip shots early in the season.

The Steeler juggernaut of 2008 let us down and it wasn't just the offense, so I believe we should get off of Bruce's back.

Not forgotten is the loss of Troy Polomolu in all of this. With him playing we win two maybe three more games, but the loss of one player should not disable a teams performance to that extent.

From juggernaut to JuggerNOT in one season, and it was a team effort, not one coach or one Player.