Boston: Lovable Losers? Bandwagon fans?

Matt BreenCorrespondent IJune 24, 2008

We've all read the articles. Read the hate on message boards, and even professional established organizations.

Boston is unhumble, obnoxious bandwagon fans. When was the bandwagon for Boston haters established? After another Boston franchise won another championship. If it sounds simplistic; it is.

I've read many articles of late on how Boston has lost its appeal because of its detestable fan base. Listen Boston is full of bandwagon fans. It's a symptom of success.

Everything in New England has a team logo on it. I was at the beach Saturday and saw middle aged women wearing Red Sox Crocs, which is as repulsive as it sounds.

But what's wrong with an entire region being obsessed with their sports franchises? I thought that was the point? Sure the championships have brought about a new generation of sports fans ranging from your girlfriend to your grandma but really why is that bad?

There were always hardcore New England fans who were always vocal who are still here. The fan base has expanded significantly and eventually these new fans that aren't serious will likely drift off and the hardcore fans will always be here, although I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them stayed.

Either way I don't care and neither should you random fan from random part of the country.

What I detest is the bandwagon fans from other regions. I think it's safe to say this doesn't apply to Boston. I don't hear of many people living in Ohio who love the Patriots but I know there are plenty of Yankee fans there.

I've met so many older sports fans who love the Bulls, Yankees, and Cowboys. That is a problem.