Patriots Running Up the Score? Hogwash!! Grow Up You Wimps!

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst IOctober 29, 2007

IconHow can anyone seriously fault or criticize the Patriots for scoring 52 points Sunday? They played BOTH backup quarterback's. When are people going to realize they are simply THAT good?

Not to mention, this is the NFL last time I checked. Players get paid millions of dollars, and if a defense wants to quit, what is New England supposed to do? Just kneel and turn it over on downs?

Grow up you wimps! Take responsibility for your team Redskins fans.

 Danile Snyder is shelling out tons of money to his guys, and if they quit, New England or any team can score 100 if they want. It's not as if Washington is Miami or St. Louis. They are a good team this season. It's just that Tom Brady and his buddies are that much better than everyone else.

On FoxSports radio this morning, Steve Czaban said the Pats will open as 20 point favorites in the Super Bowl, and it might be more. The Patriots should score 100 if they can do it with their backups doing the damage.

This is the difference between New England and other teams. The Pats just play football. Other teams cry about why they are losing so bad....Pathetic