Andre DeBose: The Next Joe McKnight

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst IJune 23, 2008

The signing day of high school football players has become a very big deal in recent years.  Last year, Joe McKnight, who was ranked second by Rivals, committed to Southern California after a heated battle between LSU and USC.

As I've started to get a grasp of the top recruits this year, I didn't need to look far to see, in my mind, a poor man's version of McKnight.  His name...Andre DeBose.

The first characteristic that made me compare him to McKnight was his running style.  Look at this clip of McKnight, and then look at this one of DeBose.

McKnight was a running back that could play receiver and return punts.  DeBose, on the other hand, is just a receiver—hence the term "poor man's version."

If you've read anything on the Gator recruiting boards, you know that Andre DeBose is a top priority for UF, especially since two big receivers will be leaving after this season.