Team Leach Plans Another Stand-In

Alli MContributor IJanuary 5, 2010

Lubbock, Tex.—Texas Tech starts to interview candidates for the head coach position, and Team Leach is on the high seas of the South Plains. Armed with flags, eye patches, double Ts, and protest signs, these students have scheduled another stand-in:

The TEAM LEACH "Reach for Leach" rally will take place on Thursday, Jan. 14 at 1 p.m. at Memorial Circle! 

School will be back in, so this will be huge! Bring your signs, cameras, your voice, come out in pirate attire, and be ready to make some noise! 

Celebrate what Coach Leach did for us, and give him the send off he deserves! Be civil, respectful, and be positive!  redirects to this event if you want to share the link with friends!

As stated on their Facebook page, Team Leach has almost reached 54,000 members. This could fill the Tech Jones Stadium, and this is about 20,000 more members than there are students enrolled.  

These students demand for their voices to be heard.

But I have some advice for Team Leach:

Tech is getting a new coach, regardless if you like it or not.  (My vote is Tuberville: War Eagle!)

Team Leach needs to start pushing for a change in the Administration.

Get involved with Student Government and petition the university; demand that the administration should start listening to the student voice.  

Think about it. Change has happened over much less circumstances.