The Definition of a Boring Year In Sports

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The Definition of a Boring Year In Sports
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Yankees,Lakers,and Steelers winning in the same years defines a boring year in sports. Teams that win all the time all win in this same year. A year with no surprises at all in terms of champions. This is not a complaint just an observation and a statement

don't get me wrong,playoffs were great in these sports and exciting but the end results are awfully boring. We had no cinderellas or surprises, or even major storylines along the way just the same boring teams winning it all. What we predicted in the preseason came true during the championships and there were no real surprises. The only one of these finals that was actually interesting was the Cardinals.vs.Steelers Super Bowl which previously seemed like a boring matchup and although a great game the Steelers winning it again is boring

I'm not taking anything away from these teams because they earned it. At least if only 2 of the 3 won it'd be okay. Even when these teams win there's usually a surprise or a team thats hasnt had as great success win a title.

I have nothing against any of these teams and the Yankees are the only team I can't stand but this has to be a definition of a boring year in Pro Sports since the same teams that win every year won again. The Yankees winning was a complete joke after buying out the World Series

I credit the teams because they did what they had to do to win their respective titles.

Hopefully this year we have changes and some excitement with surprises

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