Mississippi Stud

Cadmar BluntContributor IJanuary 5, 2010

One of the more interesting players entering the draft is 5'7, 160pd. Old Miss RB Dexter Mc Cluster. He has been one of the most dynamic players in College football. Many defenses have fail at stoping him. However because of his small size he is going to drop in the draft and some are projecting him as a day 2 pick. I don’t know why people in the NFL still think that you have to be so big to be productive. Such players as Maurice Jones-Drew, DeSean Jackson and Elvis Dumervil are among the some of the best and most feared players in the league. Mc Cluster is a small player but he is tough and made the move from receiver to running back and showed that he was an every down back, carrying the ball over 20 times in several games. His game breaking talent will make him the “I wish I got him player” for 31 teams, but only one will be happy they did.

C. Blunt