All About The Money

Cadmar BluntContributor IJanuary 5, 2010


The 2010 year is going to be one of the most aggressive free-agent signing periods that the NFL has ever seen and it is going to feature a draft loaded with quality talent. Sadly, this is likely not going to happen and it is all because the league, its owners and the NFL players association is working against past, present and future players.

The Union that sold its players out and made the idea of an “uncapped” year seemed great, but it is clear that many players don’t get what it means and are just looking at the word “uncapped”. In negotiations, PA agreed to let the owners take off the minimum salary level, so forget things like “veteran minimums”. Players will not become unrestricted until they have 6 years in, plus teams will have the right to place the franchise tag on two players instead of one. When you look at everything the PA gave up it makes you wonder why they made this deal.

In May, the owners are also going to propose a restructure on the rookie cap to the PA. Many organizations, especially those with a lot of young players playing on their draft contracts, will likely head down on the salary scale as well. Plus the owners want to vote on having the season extended to 18 games and re-doing profit sharing. To take away the useless wildcard rounds claiming that the wildcard games are somewhat pointless.

The owners are making it very clear that they don’t care about the fans or the players. I agree that there needs to be some changes, however it seems very one-sided. All of these changes are going to take more power out of the players’ hands and can very well get them less money. Remember the “owners” make up the “league” and the commissioner was appointed by them. It seems that the players might be nothing more than slaves.


C. Blunt