The Boise State Cowbell Girl: Is She Blind?

Tim HealeyContributor IJanuary 5, 2010

Once again, the speed of the Internet's ability to make someone famous/destroy someone's life overnight has become apparent. In this case, the newest Internet sensation—following in the footsteps of Susan Boyle and William Hung—is a Boise State student and member of the marching band.

The girl, who so far is unnamed, was tapping away at the cowbell during the band's performance at halftime of the Fiesta Bowl last night. To some, she looked sad, to others, unenthusiastic. Either way, her performance was on YouTube and had become the subject of Internet memes before the game had even ended. And now comes news that she's blind.

Yes, that's right. Now don't you feel bad for making fun of her?