Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover: Inside the Shirtless Photo Shoot

Tim HealeyContributor IJanuary 5, 2010

Tiger Woods has been caught with his pants down in recent weeks, now for the first time, we catch him with his shirt off.

No, there aren't any reports of new mistresses emerging from the woodwork, nor has Tiger surfaced publicly to address his off-the-course life. But the upcoming Vanity Fair has an interesting photo of Tiger on the cover—without a shirt on.

The photo, which was taken as part of a photo shoot in 2006, was snapped by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. The article accompanying the photo spread (some pics haven't been seen publicly before) is written by Buzz Bissinger—of Friday Night Lights book fame—and it chronicles Woods' recent fall from grace.

The cover, which shows the shirtless (and ripped) Tiger holding a pair of dumbbells, presents Tiger as an intense person. Given the state of affairs in his life over the past month, the timing couldn't be better for Vanity Fair—or worse for Tiger, who had been fading into the background of the news cycle over the holiday.

Woods still isn't talking and rumors abound as to his whereabouts. Some say he's in Arizona, some say he's on his yacht, some say he's at home.

Rumors also continue to circulate about the state of his marriage to Elin Nordegren, but the pair hasn't yet filed for divorce. Nordegren was spotted spending the New Year's holiday in the French Alps with her twin sister, Josefine and Josefine's husband.

Wedding-ring spotters were unable to tell if Elin was still wearing hers or not, due to confusion over her looks compared to her twin.