Eskimos Vs. Roughriders Pre-Game Analysis Part 2

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IJune 23, 2008

Now that part one is finished, I will go on to part 2, the defense.

The Riders' defensive line won't be as good as last season. It isn't even a gamble saying that. They don't have Fred Perry who was their best lineman last year, and they don't have Reggie Hunt to take any of the attention off them. My hypothese on who will be on their line is as follows. On the ends, we have John Chick and Michael Stadnyk. In the middle I am expecting our defensive leader Scott Shultz and Keith Shologan. We have a proven veteran, a guy who had a fantastic year last year, and two rookies. It will hopefully turn out well.

Edmontons line isn't quite as all-star packed as BC's is, but they are still very deep. They have 7 players who are more then capable of starting with Montez Murphy, Adam Braidwood, Brandon Guillery, Fred Perry, Adrian Baird, Jim Davis and Dario Romero. Thats a pretty stacked lineup.

Advantage: Eskimos

The Linebacking core of the Roughriders is another part of the team that should be worse then last season. Although it's not going to be AS good, it is still a good core with starters being anyones guess considering you have Kitwana Jones, Yannick Carter, Maurice Lloyd, Sean Lucas, Antawn McKenzie and Mike McColough. Thats more stacked then Edmonton's defensive line. Even with the loss of Reggie Hunt they should be fine.

Edmonton on the other hand is not quite as stacked. All they really have for starters are Shabazz, Garret and Barrenechea. They aren't quite as powerful.

Advantage: Roughriders

Now we move onto the secondary. The Roughriders are stronger then they were last year with the readdition of Omarr Morgan. Your probably looking at an Omarr Morgan, Eddie Davis, James Johnson, Lance Frazier and when he gets healthy Arabin Justin combination with Clovis and Gordan switching off at safety.

Edmonton also has a good secondary but with probably less rotation consisting of mainly Jordan Younger, Jason Goss, Kenny Williams and Jonte Buhl with William Loftus at the saftey position.

Advantage: Roughriders

It seems like the Riders have most of the advantages, but the Eskimos have perhaps the two most important in the quarterback and the defensive line.

On the kicking side of things, the Riders go with a sepereate kicker and punter because we all know their kicker Luca Congi cannot punt. Therefore, returning from last year we have Jamie Boreham one of the best punters in the league. For Edmonton, the go with a one kicker strategy. They go with someone who had a bad year for him, but is still one of the best kickers and punters in the CFL. Noel Prefontaine. Prefontaine is a good kicker and brings physicalness to the field, we all know Prefontaines tackling ability.

Advantage: =

For who is going to with this game, to me it is a complete tossup.