Open Letter To the BCS: A Boise State Request for Respect

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2010

Dear BCS,

I know the idea behind your system is "fairness" and a look at a team's entire body of work. Sure, you thought a Boise victory over Oregon meant nothing, and sure some games were tough to win, but let me remind you something, the Broncos won em all.

It saddens me to see a team who goes undefeated denied a chance to prove themselves because of perception of a league.

Let's be honest, we were jumped by TCU, Cincinnati and Florida. All of these teams have lost and two of them, Florida and Cincy, lost bad. And now the Broncos have taken care of TCU.

What I ask is for a fair shot based upon a system that rewards all champions. Yes, I recognize that our conference hasn't done so well in bowl games. But the point is this, it's not the conference you're looking at, it's the team.

Boise State does not deserve to be overlooked every year because of the one thing they cannot help, the league they play in. Gawk at the schedule, but this team has continued to win, while still being stuck nowhere near a football hotbed.

When it comes ready to start the next football season, I ask that you open your eyes and see that it's time to give all teams a chance to win a title. Stop giving the BCS-six all the love based upon perception.

Regards and Thanks for another BCS Trophy in Boise

The Bronco Nation