should i stay or should i have gone????????

Nicholas CoresselContributor IJune 23, 2008

Bobby Labonte has not won a race in quite a while and is struggling to find his groove this year. Will this lack of finishing and fan disappointment continue through this change of leadership in the Petty organization? Should Bobby have left the Petty organization after this year? I believe he made the right decision to stay with Petty and work with them to grow with the changes. I don't believe Labonte would have gotten many chances with other teams to become the racer he once had the chance to prove he is. With the extra money coming in with the partnership and the advancement of Petty's technology Labonte will have the equipment he should have always received from the petty name. I just hope it isn't too late for the Petty organization to advance in the race to figure out the car of today.