Candace Parker Dunked, and I Don't Care

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IJune 23, 2008

Before I get started, let me make this known:

I am definitely not sexist. I think the WNBA is a marketable product in some areas. I also think that these women are talented, and respect every member of the league very much.

However, let's not get carried away.

Parker dunked over the weekend in an LA Sparks blowout of the Indiana Fever, becoming the second player in WNBA history to do so.

But I don't know if we can even call it dunking.

I actually heard the announcer on ESPN Video say Parker "threw it down". Are you serious dude? She barely finished it. Alone. On a fastbreak. With a smaller ball.

That's the problem I have with the WNBA. Everybody likes variety, and sometimes I'll switch it up and watch the WNBA on TV. But I know what I'm getting. I know I'll watch fundamentals, shooting, and effort. And I don't mind.

So when the WNBA tries to act like Parker threw one down for the ages, it pisses me off.

Going to my local bball court to play, I watch guys who are complete scrubs dunk it harder.

I'm talking five foot eight guys who just got off their work shift dunk in jeans. 

My little brother has a teammate on his high school squad who dunked a few times in a tournament over the weekend. He also just turned 15.

To the WNBA- Stop kidding yourselves. Parker dunking isn't special. Nobody's falling for it.

The women's league is home to some of the best fundamentals on this side of the planet, where long distance three's and windmill dunks have fallen into favor over solid play.

I'd rather hear more about that, and what sets the league apart from it's competition in the public limelight. When the WNBA shoots a dramatic commercial with Parker, they try to act like it's exciting. It's not. People can go to a rec center and see guys dunk.

For the WNBA to truly grow and evolve, they'll need to embrace the differences in the men's and women's game at the elite level, and start to promote that. When I watch the WNBA, I tune in to watch a well-run fastbreak, finished with a layup.

Why? Because when done right, it's pretty. And I love basketball.

The sooner the WNBA comes to grips with their identity and becomes comfortable with it, the sooner they will gain more respect and popularity.

Candace Parker and the rest of her peers play a great game of basketball. Yes it's different from the men of the NBA, but it still can be a great game to watch.

The WNBA needs to drop the facade and let the world see the league for what it truly is.