Jamaal "The Mauler" Charles

Corey DaggettContributor IJanuary 4, 2010

NFL running back, (6'0+, 220lbs) no, how about 5'10", 180-200lbs.  Quick, fast, versatile, balanced, and durable.  Well, thats what you get out of a Jamaal Charles, a young and very much improved, statistically speaking, running back for our Kansas City Chiefs. 

For the last 5 Weeks this proven running back is putting numbers up just like his football twin, Chris Johnson.  The hair, build, and the package of running talent. In fact, he is second behind Chris Johnson for rushing yards, in the past several weeks. 

Watching the game today verse the Broncos, I was amazed by the moves Jamaal demonstrated and how easy he is making it look.  Larry who! Everything seemed to click for the Chiefs who now have ended a long season of what ifs, who can carry this impressive win into next year, without a running back controversy.

Along with the explosive running game, Mr. Matt Cassel went deep on a couple of pass plays with success.  This defines the game.  Run success equates to great opportunities in the air.  Wow what a concept!

The entire Chiefs team, including the coaching staff, on both sides of the ball, signified the potential of this team.  Realizing we limped to 4 wins this season, doesn't out rule the chance of more wins next season.  They showed alot of resilience and fortitude to stick their necks out, not giving up and prove to themselves and the fans theirs something to be proud of, leading into next season.

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