Ollie Lang: Analyzing the Ironmen Paintball Star

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

Mobility: A

Ollie moves around the paintball field as fast as anyone in the game. His speed often results in some of his most memorable plays, as he excels at making shots on the run.

Shot Accuracy: A+

Ollie has the ability to make shots from cover as well as on the run, thereby making him a threat in almost any situation.

Elusiveness: A

Ollie is not an easy target to hit on the paintball field. He moves between bunkers with ease, and often times he isn’t even noticed by the opposition. In addition, he has speed, agility, and confidence to make plays on the run without getting hit.

Clutch Factor: A+

There is no secret of Ollie’s ability to come through in the clutch. Even though he is still very young, he is already considered by many to be the greatest paintball player in history. When a game is on the line, there is no one better to have on your side than Ollie Lang.


Overall Grade: A+