Ahmad Bradshaw's Past Comes Back to Haunt Him

Ben SandbergCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

Last Sunday, Ahmad Bradshaw surrendered himself to authorities. Bradshaw, the running back who helped the Giants to a Super Bowl victory in 2008, was convicted of a parole violation.

Charles A. Stacy, Bradshaw's attorney, explained that, "The underlying charge in this matter stems from an offense which occurred while Mr. Bradshaw was a juvenile."

This was not Bradshaw's first run in with the law.

In 2006, while at Marshall University in West Virginia, he pleaded guilty to petty larceny. In addition, in 2004, he pleaded guilty to underage alcohol possession and resisting arrest.

These two examples of disorderly conduct resulted in Bradshaw's fall to the seventh round in the 2007 draft.

A representative for the Giants came out to say, "We are aware of the situation and have been in contact with Ahmad's legal representative and this situation is not the result of any recent incident. It stems from an issue that occurred prior to Ahmad being drafted by the Giants. Beyond that, we have no further comment."

On Friday, the Giants concluded their offseason training program. Giants' players are not required to report until July 24, which is the beginning of training camp in Albany, NY.