Champ Bailey: Analyzing the Broncos' Cornerback

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IOctober 12, 2016

Here is my analysis of Champ Bailey, cornerback of the Denver Broncos:


Speed: A

Champ Bailey is one of the fastest cornerbacks in the game today.

Coverage: A+

Champ Bailey may not only be one of the best cornerback in coverage in the NFL today, but also one of the best at shutting down his man in the history of the game.

Hands: A-

Champ has the hands to make interceptions and create plays on defense.

Tackling: B+

Champ Bailey is one of the better cornerbacks in terms of run support in the game, a rare commodity among elite coverage cornerbacks.

Awareness: A

Champ has the awareness to read the quarterback’s eyes effectively in order to predict the play before it happens.

Returns: B

Champ has the speed and vision to excel when returning interceptions.


Overall Grade: A