AL vs. NL: Parity Is Present in Interleague Picture

Sean MorrisonCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008


The talk around the water cooler every year after interleague play is how badly AL teams took down their NL counterparts.

However, in this strangest of years, with the 44-31 Tampa Bay Devil Rays, both Chicago teams in first place in their respective divisions, and Detroit playing terribly after three solid years, it seems there may finally be some equality between both leagues.

In recent interleague play, the NL and AL teams split pretty evenly between wins and losses in each series. The team with the best record in the bigs, the Chicago Cubs, went 8-4 in interleague play, showing they can compete with teams in the AL.

While the AL Central was once considered to be one of the toughest divisions in Major League Baseball, the NL Central is now one of the strongest, with three teams with over 40 wins. The only comparable division in the American League is the AL East, which also has three teams with over 40 wins.

In my opinion, the Chicago Cubs, currently one of the best teams in baseball, could feasibly compete with any team in the American League, including the Boston Red Sox, who hold the best record in the league.

The way things are looking now, interleague play is on its way to becoming a fair competition, and it looks like the National League is finally making its way towards holding a level of equality with the American League.