How WWE Prepares For The Monday Night Wars Part 1

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJanuary 3, 2010

Starting January 4th the Monday Night Wars return! The classic Monday Night Wars had WCW v. WWF. It look good for Ted Turner’s WCW at first, but it ended with Vince McMahon buying out WCW after they won that war. Now the modern-day WCW looks to do it all over again, except this time they want to win. 

Of course when I say Modern Day WCW I’m talking about Total Nonstop Action Wrestling(TNA Wrestling). Since the arrival of Hogan in TNA he is shaking things up. With names like Scott Hall, X-Pac, RVD, Ken Anderson and Tommy Dreamer looking to head to TNA things are looking good. They also have creative genius Eric Bischoff behind the scenes and guess who is looking to join? Another creative genius by the name of Paul Heyman. If I do say so myself that is a very promising staff. 

TNA is doing well, if I do say so myself I think they have the edge in this war at this point. WWE made a big splash to respond though as they brought back Bret “The Hitman” Hart. The Hitman is one of the all time greats when it comes to wrestling. He is The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be. He is right up there with guys like Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair when you talk greatest wrestler of all time. 

Of course we all remember Bret’s controversial departure from World Wrestling Entertainment(World Wrestling Federation at the time). The famous Montreal Screwjob is how. Now everyone knows the story so I’ll be brief here. In 1996 Vince McMahon signed a 20 year deal with the Hitman. The next year in 1997 he called Hitman and told him that he wanted out of the contract due to financial reasons. 

Bret eventually agreed to go to WCW and was given creative control for his last days in WWF. Vince however called Bret and told him he has to lose in Montreal, so much for creative control. Bret and Vince argued back and forth until the day of the PPV where they supposedly agreed on a result. The match was suppose to end with Bret retaining and him relinquishing the title on Raw the next night. That’s not what happened though, when Shawn locked in the sharpshooter on Bret, Vince called for the bell and HBK would win. Bret would spit right at Vince and give him the middle finger of respect(joke). Then he got a hold of Vince again when he punched him out. 

After all that Bret has re-signed with WWE for a contract the go up to Wrestlemania 26 which means we will likely see him there against Vince McMahon probably. 

Basically WWE isn’t just going down like that. They made a big splash and a big shock that should help them get the ratings way up. However if that’s all you got to offer then it’s like throwing in the towel already. Look at all the names TNA is going out of their way to get, while Bret was a great announcement and certainly one of the biggest names you could’ve gotten you have to do more. I don’t necessarily mean go out and get some guys. There are many things that can be done with your current roster to make things great. 

That is exactly what I will be concentrating on in this article. Part 1 of How WWE Raw Prepares For Monday Night Wars discusses the superstars and what could and should be done with them. 

Kill Super Cena 

One issue that will arise in the war is of course, John Cena. With the war Superman just can’t be breast fed anymore. You don’t want to have Cena go night in and night out dominating Raw. That would be the stupidest thing you can do. What needs to be done here, face of World Wrestling Entertainment or not everyone has to be treated equally. You can’t have ever guy on the roster losing to Cena night after night. 

Better yet, what you could do is what wrestling fans have been waiting for and that is bring back heel Cena. Bring back that wanksta that everyone hated. Cena drew excellent heat as a heel and I’m sure he still hasn’t lost that touch, he just needs to light it up again. Who knows, maybe it’ll even bring the quality back into his wrestling. 

Still I don’t think that’ll be a way the WWE will go. Not until one of the youngsters is fully built up and ready to take that face of the WWE role away from him. You can have your face Cena, but drop the Superman gimmick and get off his dick WWE. 

Bring C.M. Punk over to Raw 

Obviously CM Punk isn’t really doing anything on SmackDown! right now besides constant bookings with R-Truth and Matt Hardy. Seriously how many times have we seen Punk and Matt go by now? I know you’re trying to fight for your brother, but come on. 

Over recent months Raw hasn’t exactly been the flagship show it’s been built up as by WWE. Another thing that recently happened is Sheamus won the WWE Title. Have you really run out of heels that you have Sheamus in the title picture? Well stop hitting your head on the table already and bring back Punk to Raw. 

When CM Punk as on Raw he main evented there until eventually slipping back down to the mid card. That is basically what recently happened on SmackDown. He main evented in feuds with Jeff Hardy(awesome feud) and Undertaker until going down to the mid card to fight with Matt Hardy, over and over and over and over and over, oh did I mention over? 

CM Punk needs a change. He didn’t fit in to Raw so they moved him to SmackDown, now he’s not fitting in to SmackDown so what are we going to do? 

Well how about we try putting him back on Raw and getting the super heel out of him again.  He did an amazing job as a heel on SmackDown! and don’t even get me started on Ring of Honor heel Punk. That was just beautiful. If they can get that CM Punk to main event on Raw it will do wonders for ratings. Everyone will want to see that evil Punk either to jeer him if you think it’s real or to respect his wrestling style and how good he is at his job if you are a true fan that knows how things work. 

Let’s take a look at how the Top 3 heels on Raw play out at the moment: 

1. Sheamus 

2. Randy Orton 

3. Big Show 

I would throw in Jericho in there, but he is still considered a part of SmackDown! even if he does appear on Raw constantly. Basically let’s have a quick look at the three heels. 

Sheamus is as green as snot. He came into the WWE not too long ago and is already a WWE Champion? I’m not saying the guy is a bad wrestler he isn’t too bad at that, but he hasn’t earned the main event yet. Maybe have him feud with a big main eventer in non title action, but until then hold off with his push. 

Randy Orton, while this guy may be an amazing heel he will be busy this year. He is going to be feuding with Ted DiBiase possibly as soon as Royal Rumble after that give it some time and he is going to be putting Rhodes over too. So it looks like Randy’s year is booked. Even though it should be interesting to watch. 

Big Show, let’s be honest he isn’t going to be involved with a WWE Championship any time soon. 

A turn for the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels is also in the talking. However there is an issue with that too. Shawn Michaels refuses to be involved with the World Title, because he remembers being a young superstar just waiting to get his shot. So with that he steps aside for the younger guys. 

With that, who are you going to have in the title picture? So I think bringing over Punk is the smartest move at this point. 

If TNA Takes Dreamer, We’ll Take Someone Back 

Recently Tommy Dreamer has his sendoff show on ECW. It was sad to miss a great wrestler and the last remaining piece of the old ECW go just like that. Rumor has it after his 90 day no compete is over he will be appearing in TNA. So if TNA wants to steal our talent, then how about we take someone back. There are 2 people who come to mind for this. 

The first guy is the man with the baseball bat. Yes I’m talking about Sting. Many believe that how Sting is acting now is part of a storyline. However that may not be the case. Sting has had issues with the Hulk in the past so now that TNA has brought in the man how do you think Sting feels? And how great would it be for him to jump to WWE? 

Oh really great is my answer. I know people out there have issues with him because some of you have said he should retire already. My question to that is why. Why should the man retire? Ok, yes he is old, but does that really matter if he can totally go in the wrestling ring? Sting proves that age is but a number as at the age of 50 he still puts on solid matches that the world loves to see. 

So I wouldn’t mind bringing over Sting to World Wrestling Entertainment. He would be a great addition to the company and I would love to see him go at it with The Undertaker. I have always been interested at what those two could accomplish in a match with each other. They seem really similar in some ways and different in others. I think if the two come together in the ring it could have an amazing result. 

The other is the olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle. The Angle/WWE situation has been very interesting over the past few months. Could WWE accomplish bringing him over? If they could it would be amazing. Angle is one of the better wrestlers in wrestling today. Although Angle’s contract doesn’t expire for quite some time something could be worked out. 

In the Dreamer situation his contract wasn’t done, they released him with a 90 day no compete. TNA could do something similar if convinced. So it would be an interesting situation to see unfold and it would be awesome to see Angle in WWE again. 

He could go at it with some of the veteran guys like Shawn and reignite old rivalries or fight some of the new guys in the company and make superstars out of them. If Angle does cross over it would give World Wrestling Entertainment the huge edge over TNA. I mean HBK, Jericho, CM Punk, and now Angle? That is pure wrestling talent. 

Closing Segment 

The Monday Night Wars are the biggest story in Pro Wrestling in quite some time. It’s TNA v. WWE. With all the talent TNA is bringing in I think WWE should take some steps to bring in some new talent or at least move it around from brand to brand. Thanks for reading and keep watching for Part 2.

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